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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Humongous Maze Made of a Whopping 250,000 Books – My Modern Metropolis.

Wow! I wish I could walk through this!!!


I saw this video and was totally blown away…

Cricket Information, Types of Crickets and Pictures.

OMG there was this Camel cricket in my room just now. It was huge, and gross, and thank goodness my dad was around and he could kill it…..ew.

From Juvie To J.D.: The Story Of A Runaway Girl : NPR.

Wow talk about a powerful woman to fight the odds. I am curious to see the movie and to read this book too.

Read about this on lifehacker today. It would be cool to get a sense of what might get me to keep some spirit in my step. I have about a week and a half to make it up the whole hill here in this town.

Austin’s 20 Most Iconic Dishes – Eater Maps – Eater Austin.

Interesting list… I’ve only had 9/20 on this list..But hey Im not made of money and I can’t go to Uchiko all the time.

Encyclopedia Brown: The Great Sleuth From My Youth : NPR.

I had no idea he had passed away! This series was one of the best detective stories. As I would read, I would try to figure out what the end would be like (inevitably being wrong). Some books will forever be classics to me.