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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Twitter / CuteOverloads: IT'S NOT THAT COLD, PROMISE. ….

Ill just take one of these please…


Paper Art – 100 Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art | Webdesigner Depot.

Wow these are pretty incredible!

Anything you need to know about dating a classical musician?.

There are a few more things I’d add on there, but then I’d probably get too carried away…

Jacqueline du Pré – Mendelssohn Song without words.

Jacqueline du Pre is inspiration for me. She is the reason I still play cello today. Even on a simple piece like this her sound colors still captivate me.

Simple-to-Make Tapas Recipes | Women's Health Magazine.

Cant wait to try some of these out at my next gf sunday dinner night gatherings. This is perfect for post-holiday, do not feel like eating lots appetite…