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This seems much more up my alley


Cuisinart Thermo Electric Yogurt Maker | Williams-Sonoma.

I want one of these so bad…

Simple-to-Make Tapas Recipes | Women's Health Magazine.

Cant wait to try some of these out at my next gf sunday dinner night gatherings. This is perfect for post-holiday, do not feel like eating lots appetite…

Simple Vegetable Soups – Photo Gallery – Photo 1 |

I am excited for fall! Today marks the first day that I turned off the AC because a cold front with RAIN is blowing through. Cozy food= hot soup. I am particularly excited for the Pear, Shallot, Delicata Squash (wherever I can find that?!) soup.

Mastering French Techniques.

I want to master the choux pastry.. Cream puffs are one of my faves…

Ask Me Another: A Chef Walks Into A Milk Bar : NPR.

I love Milk Cookbook by Christina Tosi. Even though I haven’t been to her Milk Bar yet, the recipes I have tried have been swoon-worthy. All that aside this was a fun interview/game about people who had food named after them. Can you guess them all?