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You are never too old to create happiness for yourself

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Encyclopedia Brown: The Great Sleuth From My Youth : NPR.

I had no idea he had passed away! This series was one of the best detective stories. As I would read, I would try to figure out what the end would be like (inevitably being wrong). Some books will forever be classics to me.

Austin Golf VIP Card – Austin Golf Discounts.

I just got one of these. Can’t wait to get back to play some courses! Livingsocial has a great deal at 50% off these cards!

The Championships, Wimbledon 2012 – Official Site by IBM – Federer denies Murray and wins seventh singles title.

Well good for Federer! Lately he had been seeming not really “into it” when I have watched his games. But I like his style. He is super classy and smooth despite his floppy hair. 🙂

(Remember the year the Queen came to see a British player play? I remember he lost and the announcers were saying that the Queen would never go to another Wimbledon again. Ouch!)

  I’ve totally become obsessed with Castleville. I don’t even know why because it’s not like it is some totally scintillating hi-graphics game. Perhaps I like the idea of achieving all the quests they list. But how frustrating is it that you have to rely on “neighbors” and can’t just play on your own. Zynga I’m sure is making a killing on appealing computer games.

I think right now the most frustrating thing is how slow it runs on my laptop. When I am at home I usually use my desktop which just plays the game better. On my laptop it runs impossibly slow and bogs down all other functions on the computer. (I’m sure there is a solution but I am no tech guru)

I really should stop…just after I achieve this one “last” quest!!!